22 Things That Happen To You When You Eat A Spoonful Of Coconut Oil Every Day

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Eating a spoonful or two of organic coconut oil every day is actually more pleasant than it might sound. In fact, the benefits to your overall health and well-being are many. And, for the most part, they have solid scientific research to back them up.

As far as quantities go, 2 to 4 tablespoons is the recommended daily amount. But, you may want to start out with just 1 tablespoon to see how you like it.

Yet, if you don’t like the taste of raw coconut oil you can always try using coconut butter instead or simply drink organic coconut milk.

As previously mentioned, the list of health benefits you’ll get by eating coconut oil is a long one. Here are 22 of the biggest and most impressive ways that this simple daily practice can change your life:

1. It helps you lose weight

When you’re trying to lose those unwanted pounds, coconut oil can help speed up the process. There are a few reasons why coconut oil works.

Eating coconut oil boosts your metabolism and will give you more energy throughout the day. Additionally, because coconut oil provides the body with clean and easily-obtainable energy, you’ll feel less hungry after you eat it. It can also improve your digestion and increase your ability to absorb nutrients from the food you eat. As a result, you’ll also experience fewer unhealthy junk food cravings.

Furthermore, eating coconut oil helps to balance hormones. This means less stress and less of the stress hormones, which cause fat retention – especially around the midsection!

2. It increases your ability to build muscle

In addition to promoting weight-loss, coconut oil provides long-lasting energy. As such, eating a spoonful of coconut oil before heading to the gym can help get you through that difficult workout. Not only will you experience increased endurance, but you’ll also get better blood flow to your muscles. It’s a winning combination!

3. It naturally controls unhealthy cravings

Cutting back on junk food doesn’t just help you to lose weight. It also improves many other aspects of your health. Some of them include balanced blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels, more efficient kidney and liver function, healthier hormone production, improved mental capabilities, and a cleaner complexion.

As previously mentioned, eating coconut oil helps to curb unhealthy cravings naturally. It does this by improving digestion and nutrient absorption, as well as by boosting metabolism and energy levels.

4. It improves digestion

Coconut oil improves digestion by helping the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. It can also help improve bacteria and gut health by destroying bad bacteria and candida. Candida imbalance especially can decrease stomach acid which causes inflammation and poor digestion.

Eating coconut oil also reduces inflammation in the gut which may be caused by food sensitivities or other dietary problems. If left untreated, this inflammation can lead to more serious digestive disorders such as nutrient deficiencies or leaky gut syndrome.

5. It helps to regulate appetite

Because it improves digestion and balances blood-sugar levels, eating coconut oil also helps to regulate appetite. It provides concentrated energy which is easy for the body to digest and use. Thus you’ll feel fuller longer after you eat it, and you won’t need snacks or meals nearly as often.

6. It improves memory and concentration

Regular use of coconut oil in your diet actually improves memory. This is thought to be due to the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) which make up over half of the essential fatty acid content of coconut oil. MCTs provide easily-accessible energy to the brain just as they do to the rest of the body. The result is overall better cognitive ability, both short and long-term.

7. It can help ward off neurodegenerative disorders

Because of its positive effects on the brain, coconut oil can also help ward off neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s Disease. It does this by providing the brain with an alternate source of fuel – chemicals known as ketones which are produced by our bodies when we eat coconut oil. These ketones are easily-accessible even for brain cells which have lost the ability to process glucose, one of the leading causes of Alzheimer’s.

Many neurodegenerative disorders develop slowly over time and only become apparent later in life. So getting into the daily habit of eating coconut oil now just might save your mind further down the line!

8. It can prevent and treat urinary tract infections

Eating coconut oil is an effective natural remedy to prevent or treat urinary tract infection (UTI). Coconut oil is a powerful natural antibiotic. The MCTs which make up the majority of the oil actually penetrate and dissolve the cellular wall of harmful bacteria. In effect, this causes them to disintegrate and die.

9. It kills bacteria that cause bad breath

Bad breath is most often caused by bacteria which naturally exist in the mouth. Because of its powerful anti-microbial properties, this also makes coconut oil ideal for freshening breath.

Maximize your coconut oil’s contact with buccal bacteria by swishing the oil around your mouth for about 30 seconds. Then you can either spit the oil out or swallow it, depending on your personal preference.

10. It naturally whitens your teeth

The bacteria that causes bad breath also secretes a stick substance, which we call plaque. Bacterial plaque not only holds bacteria in place, it also adheres food particles to your teeth.

When you use coconut oil to remove excess bacteria, you also reduce plaque build-up and prevent much of this staining. Thus eating coconut oil can go a long way toward keeping your pearly-whites bright and healthy!

11. It moisturizes and nourishes your lips

When you eat a spoonful of coconut oil straight from the jar, you’ll automatically run your lips over the surface of the utensil as you slide it out of your mouth. This action doubles as a natural way to moisturize and nourish your lips. Even if they aren’t dry, your lips will benefit from this extra dose of pure lipid perfection!

12. It helps relieve dry mouth

If you get a bad case of dry mouth, try drinking about 4 ounces of water to start the re-hydration process. Then chase it with a spoonful of coconut oil. As the oil moves through your mouth and throat, it will help to seal in what moisture is there and alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of dry mouth.

13. It can soothe a dry, scratchy throat

This seems to work in much the same way as using coconut oil for dry-mouth. To soothe a dry, scratchy throat, drink a small glass of water. Then follow that with a spoonful of coconut oil to seal in moisture. The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil will also help to alleviate any swelling or irritation in your throat.

14. It protects your liver and pancreas

The medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) in coconut oil behave differently than other saturated fats. After their absorption MTCs are delivered directly to the liver, which transforms them directly into energy, thus reducing its already considerable workload. Furthermore, because the liver directly converts MCTs into energy, eating coconut oil also results in less fat accumulation in and around the liver.

The pancreas also benefits when we eat coconut oil. One of the pancreas functions is to produce the enzymes required to transform fatty acids into usable energy. Because its MCTs don’t have to be broken down this way, eating coconut oil also reduces strain on the pancreas by lightening its workload.

15. It can help prevent insulin resistance

Insulin resistance (the precursor to type 2 diabetes) results when the bloodstream is constantly flooded with high concentrations of sugar. This signals the pancreas to increase production of insulin, a hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels. Eventually, over-production of insulin can make our cells resistant to insulin.

Coconut oil helps prevent insulin resistance because of ketone production. Ketones provide the same energy to our cells; however, they don’t require insulin to do so. The less insulin we need, the less likely we are to become resistant to it.

16. It improves cardiovascular health

Coconut oil contains lauric acid, which is known for its ability to naturally increase HDL (good) cholesterol. As the ratio of HDL increases, cardiovascular health improves, lowering the risk of all forms of heart disease.

Virgin coconut oil also contains antioxidants, which can help prevent oxidative damage to arteries. This can reduce the formation of arterial plaque – blockages which lead to atherosclerosis and eventually cause heart attacks and strokes.

17. It can help treat and heal arthritis

Eating coconut oil straight from the jar can actually help to treat and heal arthritis. This is due in part to the powerful anti-inflammatory nature of the fatty acids and antioxidants found in the oil.

Coconut oil also increases absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A and E, as well as minerals like calcium and magnesium; all of which are beneficial for maintaining strong bones and connective tissue.

18. It can inhibit the growth of cancerous cells

When we eat coconut oil, our bodies produce ketones, which provide energy to healthy cells throughout the body while neglecting cancerous cells. Without adequate energy to fuel their mutated growth rates, cancer cells are unable to replicate as fast.

19. It may reduce the frequency of seizures

The increased ketones produced by our bodies when we eat coconut oil have another pretty incredible effect. They are known to significantly reduce the frequency of seizures caused by drug-resistant epilepsy in children.

20. It promotes healthy hormone production

In order to synthesize healthy hormones, our bodies require a variety of fatty acids, many of which coconut oil provides. Eating just a spoonful or two each day can significantly impact your hormone production. You’ll feel the results in the forms of reduced stress, better sleep, more energy and an overall greater sense of well-being.

21. It makes your whole body smell better

Body odor is caused by a combination of factors including poor diet, stress and other hormonal imbalance, microbial overgrowth, and build-up of waste toxins due to poor liver and kidney function. Because coconut oil has such a huge positive impact on these aspects of your health, eating it on a daily basis can actually make your whole body smell better!

22. It can help you grow healthier skin, hair, and nails

Coconut oil possesses several properties which make it perfect for maintaining optimum skin, hair and nail health.
The fatty acids naturally present in coconut oil nourish and moisturize from the inside out. Not only that, but these same fats increase your body’s ability to absorb vitamins A and E, which are essential for skin, hair and nail health growth.






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