6 Clear Warning Signs Your Liver Is Full Of Toxins And Making You Fat (How To Stop It)

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When it comes to elimination of toxins from the body, the liver has the crucial role. This is especially important since today our entire environment, the food we eat and the water we drink is loaded with chemicals and toxins. Therefore, you need to make sure your liver is functioning at its top-level.

If this isn’t so, the toxins are no longer able to leave the body and are instead stored in fat tissue (since they are lipid-soluble) and they will hang out there until liver function improves and they can be safely eliminated. This can be a huge factor as to why you aren’t shedding extra weight even with a healthy diet and exercise.

Signs that point that your liver needs cleansing

1. Allergies

A properly functioning liver creates antibodies that attack allergens. If the liver gets sluggish, the body stores those allergens. Consequently, your body produces histamine, a chemical that “marks” allergens for removal. When histamine builds up in the body over an extended period of time, you wind up with allergy symptoms like headaches, itchiness, and fogginess.

This point is especially important if you’ve only recently developed seasonal allergies; your body may have temporarily lost its ability to process those allergens.

2. Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of liver toxicity. Toxins disrupt muscle metabolism, producing aches, pains, and physical fatigue. This gets worse when a ‘backlog’ of toxins takes down the immune system. Over time, this chronic fatigue can give way to moodiness, depression and angry outbursts.

3. Sudden weight gain

With a sluggish liver, calorie reduction and hours spent at the gym per week mean little; that weight will keep piling on. The body’s tendency to store unfiltered toxins in its fat cells is just one reason for this. You see, the liver is also responsible for metabolizing fat. When it’s running sluggishly, fat will simply circulate from the gut through bile and right back to the organ.

4. Excessive sweating

When the liver gets overworked, it becomes sluggish and hot. Because it’s such a large organ, it easily transfers that heat to the rest of your body, which attempts to cool itself by sweating excessively. This excessive sweating can lead to funky body odor.

5. Bad breath

Despite all the efforts you put in dental hygiene, you can’t seem to shake off that bad breath? It may be a liver problem that’s causing it so consult with your doctor and find out what’s wrong.

6. Stubborn acne

All those pesky toxins that build up in your liver cause hormonal imbalances. Those imbalances, in turn, lead to skin problems like acne. No amount of external cleansing will get rid of acne that’s caused by a sluggish liver.

If you notice one or more of those symptoms, speak with a doctor or naturopath to confirm the cause. If it is indeed a sluggish liver, here are some foods and herbs, which will help you detox that organ.

1. Vegetables

Leafy green vegetables have been shown to protect the liver by neutralizing metals, chemicals, and pesticides from both foods and the environment. Arugula, spinach, and chicory are believed to increase bile flow to help rid the body of waste products.

Beets naturally cleanse and purify the blood to boost liver function and the production of nutrients in the body. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous veggies help the liver produce enzymes to aid in the removal of toxins.

2. Ginger root

Ginger root is rich in fiber, which helps support a healthy digestive tract and eliminate toxins from the body. Also, it contains antioxidants that strengthen the immune system to fight off infection and illness. You can make ginger tea by boiling ginger slices in water or add some ginger to a homemade stir fry, salad or smoothie.

3. Sweet potatoes

Potassium in sweet potatoes stimulates the cleansing of your liver. A single sweet potato offers over 700 milligrams of potassium. It’s also rich in magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, vitamin C, and Vitamin D. sweet potatoes provide huge anti-inflammatory potential which is useful in the treatment of fatty liver disease.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric has an extremely beneficial active component, curcumin, which effectively treats liver diseases and jaundice. This amazing spice also lowers the inflammation, oxidative stress, changes fat metabolism and improves insulin sensitivity, so it reduces liver injury and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Moreover, it efficiently treats liver cancer, known as hepatocarcinoma, and liver fibrosis. You can prepare a turmeric tea, or simply add it to your meals, and enjoy its health benefits.

5. Milk thistle

Milk thistle is considered the top herbal remedy to improve liver function and treat and prevent liver disease. The flavonoids in milk thistle can effectively protect one from liver damage. The flavonoids also help enhance the detoxification process, including increasing the glutathione in the liver.

Glutathione is a key component for low liver function in patients with liver disease. Evidence also suggests that milk thistle is useful for other liver-related diseases such as alcoholic hepatitis, cirrhosis, viral hepatitis, and chemical toxicity. The recommended intake is 900 milligrams of milk thistle twice daily with meals.

6. Avocados

As if you needed another reason to eat avocados, they’re a superfood for the liver. They contain glutathione as well as vitamin C and E which act as antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and protect liver cells from damage. The vitamin E and vitamin K in avocados act as an anti-inflammatory to protect the liver from harmful inflammation. The healthy fats in avocados can also improve cholesterol levels.



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