7 Popular Food Combinations That Can Ruin Your Health

food combinations that can ruin your health

We almost never make anything by itself. Cucumbers and tomatoes go together in a salad. Bananas and milk blend together to make an awesome milkshake. However, did you know that there are a few food combinations which are actually not that good for your health at all?

Following are some of these combinations which can affect your digestive system for the worst. Let’s take a look.

1. Milk and banana

It is very simple when your breakfast is ready in less than a minute! All you have to do is put a few bananas in a blender with a splash of milk!! This banana milkshake is an energy booster.

Well, according to dieticians and nutritionists, you should consume sweet fruits separately than other food items. These fruits contain sugar that takes a bit longer to digest. As for milk, it is also more healthy to drink it separately.

2. Dairy and pineapple

Sour fruits make your digestion work slower, especially in the morning. Besides, pineapple contains bromelain, an enzymic complex which can cause intoxication when combined with dairy products.

3. Beer and nuts

At any bar, beer will almost always be served with a handful of nuts. Usually, these nuts are salted. While you may love munching on those tasty nuts while sipping at your beer you have no idea what havoc this combination is causing inside your stomach. Salts cause dehydration and sipping beer on top of that doesn’t help the matter either.

4. Pasta and minced meat

Pasta is packed with starch. The stomach produces amylase and ptyalin to digest this and convert into simple sugar. These sugars combined with the protein from the meat can form chemical compounds which can lead to diabetes. So, make sure to have the pasta separately only with herbal sauces.

5. Potato and meat

You can’t resist the combination of steak, fried chips, baked potatoes, or mashed potatoes, right? Well, you should know that our digestive system can’t deal with this combination.

Our stomach releases alkalotic digestive fluids to digest the starch found in the potatoes and the acidic fluids to help digest the meal. These acids can cause heartburn, gas and even ulcers. So, instead of potatoes, opt for green vegetables.

6. Tomatoes and cucumbers

Tomatoes and cucumbers can be found together in almost every salad but did you know that together tomatoes and cucumbers affect the metabolic rates of the body? They also alter biochemical pathways, very minutely, but in long term this can lead to swelling, bloating and excessive calcination.

7. Sandwich and coffee

This is definitely the most popular lunch combination in offices. However, coffee and cheese sandwiches are not good for your health. The bread contains carbs that can prevent the calcium from the cheese from being digested in the right way. Add coffee to this, and there it is! The worst combination ever!






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