Avoid Surgery: Recipe For Natural Removal Of Fatty Tissue (Lipoma) Within 8 Days!

natural removal fatty tissue lipoma

A lipoma is a growth of fat cells in a thin, fibrous capsule. Lipomas are usually found just below the skin, most commonly on the head, neck, arms, and underarms, but they can occur almost anywhere in the body. While they are noncancerous, they can be bothersome to many.

Lipomas are small, usually less than 2 inches in size, and they can be felt underneath the skin. They are actually movable and have a soft, rubbery consistency. They can remain the same size or grow slowly over the years.

Usually, they don’t cause pain, but the most bothersome symptom is that the location or size can make them noticeable to others, causing discomfort or self-esteem issues in those who have them.

Lipomas are fairly common, occurring in one in every 1,000 people. People with a lipoma usually have only one, though about 20% of those affected can have several.

Lipomas appear across all age groups but most commonly in middle-aged men and women. The cause of lipomas is not completely understood, but the tendency to develop them is believed to be inherited. A minor injury may also trigger growth.

The fatty tissue of a lipoma may be the body’s way of trying to get rid of unwanted material such as toxins or waste. Some believe a lipoma forms because the body is out of balance and cannot process the unwanted materials through normal channels such as the kidneys or liver.

The skin is the body’s largest organ, so the body may resort to trying to release the waste through the skin, causing a noticeable fatty lump underneath the skin.

Although, generally, lipoma does not represent a higher risk for health, can be anti-aesthetic. For this reason, people always want to find solutions to eliminate these balls of fat in the body.

Most lipomas can be removed in the doctor’s office or outpatient surgery center. The doctor injects a local anesthetic around the lipoma, makes an incision in the skin, removes the growth, and closes the incision with stitches.

If the lipoma is in an area of the body that cannot be easily reached through a simple incision in the skin, the lipoma may need to be removed in the operating room under general anesthesia.

Natural way to remove lipomas

Here is just a very simple recipe to eliminate this fatty tissue:


  • 2 tablespoon raw organic honey
  • 4 tablespoons organic aloe vera gel


  • Mix ingredients together in a bowl.
  • Spread mixture on the affected area. It is very important that the mixture has a thickness of at least 1 cm of depth.
  • Then place plastic wrap on and around the area to prevent the mixture from rubbing off.
  • Leaves this on for at least 36 hours and then remove it and reapply again right away.
  • Performs this procedure until you’ve replaced the mixture approximately five times.
  • The procedure lasts about 7 days.
  • For best results, you can also add a few drops of sage, tea tree or frankincense essential oils into the mixture.

After a week, you should feel a noticeable difference already that the accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin will be dissolved.



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