The Best Exercise for Inner Thighs: Do It Once A Day And Your Legs Will Be Irresistible!

inner thighs

Every woman dreams about tight, slim, toned legs that look irresistible in tight jeans or a short skirt. These exercises for inner thighs can help you make your dreams come true when doing them regularly!


Set your hands on the ground lie on your back. Extend your legs forward, and make sure your feet are 30 cm off the ground. Twist your legs in and out. Do 10 repetitions. Continue by moving your legs up and down for 10 times. It takes about 3 cycles, and remember, you should not touch the ground.



With your legs spread at shoulder width, and your body straight, stretch your hands forward and step aside with the left foot. Then, you should bend your right leg at the knee and sit on it, while applying your body weight on it. Next, slowly stand up and transfer your body weight to your left leg. Repeat 10-15 times with both legs.


3.Ball compressing

Start this exercise by lying on your back and bend your knees. Place an elastic ball between your legs while your hands should be kept along the body. Then, raise your bottom and pull the belly. Try to stay in this position for 30-60 seconds and compress the bass as much between your knees. Go back to the starting position. Do this exercise 5 times.

ball compresing

4.Intense strain

Lie on your left side, and support your head with one hand. Bend your right leg at the knee, and place it over your other leg. Raise the right leg high. Do 10- 15 repetitions, then do the same with your other leg.

intense strain

5.Defeat the resistance

You should place your legs on shoulder-width, and place an elastic fitness band about mid-calf. Then, lift your left foot and move it sideways, in order to defeat the band resistance. Return to the initial position, and make 10 repetitions with each leg.

defeat resistance



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