Doctors Are Warning: If You Use Aluminum Foil, Stop It Right Now And This Is The Reason Why

aluminum foil

Open up anyone’s utility drawer and you’re bound to find a roll of the aluminum foil. Why? Because it is extremely useful and effective for many kitchen and household tasks.

In fact, aluminum is in a lot of day to day products such as drinking water, cookware, baking soda, cake mixes, non-dairy creamers, vanilla powders, aspirin, flour and even your deodorant.

One would think that if so many products contain aluminum, it should be fine for our health. However, a recent study has found that there are some important things we do not know about aluminum.

Unlike iron and other vitamins and minerals, our body does not need aluminum. Thus, it is not able to process it correctly. So what happens to it? It gets stored in our body and accumulates with time in our kidneys, liver, brain, thyroid, and lungs, which potentially does detrimental damage to our health.

Powerful reasons to eliminate aluminum foil (and other aluminum products) from your life

Simply put, if you cook with aluminum foil, you are playing with your health.

The first thing you need to know is that aluminum is bad for your brain. It is a neurotoxic heavy metal that has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease for years. Moreover, aluminum exposure in children has been linked to autism.

Research has shown that aluminum can create toxic, oxidative stress in the brain. Your brain can store a lot of aluminum which can result in multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue, epilepsy, ADD, Alzheimer’s, Guilliane-Barre’ syndrome (a common post vaccination injury) and other neurological disorders.

Besides damaging your brain, cooking with aluminum foil can also negatively affect your bones. This metal can build-up inside your bones. This is bad because it competes with calcium for space inside your bones and often wins out over the essential mineral. This results in weakened bones and it is also believed to be a cause of osteoporosis.

Aluminum is also bad for your lungs. Breathing in aluminum particles has been proven to lead to respiratory problems, like pulmonary fibrosis. The same effects are achieved in the case of grilling with aluminum.

Moreover, aluminum causes oxidative stress on cells throughout the body, causing damage to DNA and aging.

Reduce your aluminum exposure

Even though aluminum is a heavy metal like lead, it can be toxic in excessive amounts. Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals on earth and it is really hard to completely avoid it. Yet, you can take some steps to avoid it such as using aluminum free cookware, avoid hygiene products with aluminum hydroxide, avoid processed foods, etc.

Foods that remove heavy metals naturally

Onions, blue green algae, garlic, cilantro, burdock root, bentonite clay (high grade), carrot juice and green tea. Chlorella is also an excellent food that helps remove metals.




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