False Fears Discourage Many From Using This Effective Cancer Treatment Denied By Mainstream Medicine


Mainstream oncology is keeping you from effective, inexpensive, and most importantly, effective cancer treatment to sustain their highly profitable toxic treatments that cause more harm than benefit without curing.

Many believe that laetrile from apricot kernel seeds and apricot seed kernels, even apple seeds, are poisonous and should be avoided. Why? Cyanide is in them.

However, if you are of the many who believe that, you’re wrong. Free cyanide kills, but if it’s bound to other elements as a part to another compound, it’s not harmful.

The safe compound containing cyanide is amygdalin, also known as laetrile or vitamin B17. This compound is clinically proven to be effective against cancer constantly in Mexico and other countries.

Apricot seeds cancer cure gets mainstream coverage

Australian Paul Reid was diagnosed with a rare, incurable lymphoma cancer. His prognosis was that he could be dead in five to seven years. Paul knew he wanted to avoid chemotherapy if possible.

He learned from a friend that in Mexico laetrile was used successfully without side effects for his type of cancer, but he didn’t have the money to travel and pay out of pocket in a Mexican cancer clinic.

He discovered that laetrile can be found in apricot kernels. So, he began chewing up thirty a day and began a healthy sugar-free diet. Today, after 13 years in remission, 68-year-old believes that the cancer-killing properties in the kernels coupled with a sugar-free diet cured him.

The complete knowledge of how amygdalin functions against cancer

Thousands have used apricot seed kernels to cure cancer. They didn’t die from cyanide poisoning. Instead, most of them were cured of cancer without negative side effects. This wasn’t accomplished by consuming a couple every week, but well over two-dozen daily for weeks or months.

Unfortunately, many are afraid to try inexpensive apricot seed kernels sold as food, without claiming to cure cancer.
In its molecule, amygdalin contains two glucose molecules, benzaldehyde, and cyanide. Despite the fact that cyanide is highly toxic when bound to amygdalin molecule is inert and does not pose a threat to the living tissue. The same applies to benzaldehyde, which is also toxic.

Cancer cells are anaerobic, which means they produce energy by fermenting sugar (glucose). Cancer cells use about 16 times more glucose than normal cells, so they attract the amygdalin compound for their glucose. The glucose is the sugar bait or Trojan Horse.

When inside the cancer cell, a specific enzyme that’s only found in cancer cells called beta-glucosidase breaks down amygdalin and releases its toxic elements, which destroy cancer cells. On the other hand, normal cells contain an enzyme called rhodanese, which neutralize cyanide.

Moreover, if benzaldehyde comes in contact with normal cells, is rapidly oxidized and converted, into harmless benzoic acid, which possesses antirheumatic, antiseptic, and analgesic properties. This can be partially explained by the fact that Amygdalin relieves intense pain experienced by the patients with advanced cancer forms.

Released benzaldehyde in cancer cells decomposes much slower due to the lower amount of oxygen in cancer cells, thus, benzaldehyde also poisoning and kills cancer cells.

Yet, the complete function of amygdalin or laetrile is hidden because of the fact that an extract from apricot kernel seeds can trigger and kill only cancer cells. Chemotherapy kills all cells in its path. In fact, patients often die from chemotherapy before the cancer can get them.

Suppressing another safe cancer cure

Laetrile was developed by San Francisco researcher Dr. Ernst Krebb in 1952 by liquifying and purifying laetrile from apricot seeds so it could be injected into cancer patients. Dr. Krebb injected himself to assure laetrile’s safety and Dr. John Richardson proved its efficacy by curring several patients with cancer. In 1971 laetrile was banned.

As long they are not promoted as a cancer cure, apricot seeds aren’t banned and can be purchased from online sources. Also, avoid refined sugar and its products while attempting to cure cancer with any method. Sugar is what cancer cells thrive on. Avoid GMO foods, processed foods, and red meats also.






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