If You Have This Plant In Your House, You Will Never See Mice, Spiders And Other Insects Again!

plant house will never see mice spiders insects

In case you often encounter problems with spiders, mice, and insects at home, and you want to avoid the commercial products which are full of dangerous chemicals, we have the solution you are looking for!

These are the most effective natural ways to eliminate these pests for good:


You can use lemon essential oil, or add some lemon juice to water, and spray around your home.


Peppermint has a strong scent which repels mice and insects, so you should keep a plant at home and keep them away. You can also mix 10 drops of peppermint essential oil with some liquid dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle, and spray all around the house, especially at the doors, windows and other openings.


Lavender is a lovely scent favored by many. Insects, however, have no tolerance for the smell of this plant. It works to keep mosquitoes, moths, and flies from your yard. You can apply lavender to your skin to provide yourself protection.


Chestnuts have been used for repelling spiders for centuries in England. All you need to do is to put a few chestnuts on the windows and other openings.


This plant is sold as a mosquito plant. Literally. There is doubt over Citrosum’s ability to ward them off, as there are other plants on the list that are tougher on pesky insects.

Rosemary & Sage

These two work together like yin-yang when mixed with each other. They are perfect for outdoor events lie a bonfire, campfire or cookout. Stay close to the smoke to have the most effect. Also, the smell is pleasant to the nostrils!

Apple cider vinegar

The strong smell of apple cider vinegar effectively keeps spiders, ants, mosquitoes, spiders and other insects away. Just add some vinegar to water in a spray bottle and spray around your house.

If you try any of these natural methods, you will soon forget about the problems with these pests!



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