Say Goodbye Diabetes Without Drugs And No Special Effort

say goodbye diabetes without drugs

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that causes a person’s blood sugar level to become too high. There are two main types of diabetes: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes.

The first one is a condition where immune cells destroy the cells responsible for the production of insulin and the latter is characterized by reduced production of insulin or body’s cells don’t react to insulin.

Numerous people have blood sugar levels above the normal range, but not high enough to be diagnosed as having diabetes. This condition is known as pre-diabetes and it increases the risk of developing diabetes over time.

Symptoms that indicate that you may have diabetes include blurred vision, fatigue, feeling very thirsty, weight loss, cuts or wounds that take time to heal, urinating more frequently especially at night, itching around the penis or vagina, and loss of muscle bulk.

Mounting evidence suggests that making certain dietary changes can prevent or reverse the condition. Therefore, more and more people swap diabetic drugs for lifestyle changes such as eating healthy and sugar-free diet, exercising regularly, and taking natural remedies to treat this condition.

While the disease itself is considered incurable, the natural remedy presented in this article helps control insulin levels and keep the condition under control. It’s time-tested and many people swear by its effectiveness. Check it out!


  • A leek with roots
  • Mineral water


Clean the leek well and chop it into pieces. Then, put them in a bowl with mineral water, covering the vegetable completely. Leave the mixture to sit overnight, then strain it in the morning and drink the liquid throughout the day. Repeat the process every day, and soon your blood sugar levels will be much improved.

Given that prevention is always better than the cure, as it prevents the uneasiness and costs of becoming sick. To cut a long story short, here are a few tips on how to prevent diabetes:

1.Drink plenty of water

Water promotes proper blood circulation and helps regulate blood sugar and insulin levels naturally. Water is by far the most natural beverage you can drink.

2.Eat a healthy diet

Contrary to popular belief, eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up your favorite, tasty foods. You simply have to limit your fat and carbohydrates intake as well as to avoid heavy meals and pay attention to the size of your portions.

3.Eat regularly

Eating at regular intervals is of utmost importance, as it helps regulate your glucose levels as well as your weight. Specifically, eating frequently keeps the metabolism running smoothly, helps you to not feel hungry before the next meal, and it maintains your blood sugar.


We know that everyone is busy, but exercising for at least 30 minutes a day will help you control your sugar levels and effectively prevent diabetes. Exercise increases the insulin sensitivity of your cells. So when you exercise, less insulin is required to keep your blood sugar levels under control. Find some time in your busy schedule and exercise in order to be healthier.

5.Lose weight

The majority of people who develop type 2 diabetes are overweight, so if you’re one of them, dropping a few pounds is a good way to keep your sugar levels in check. In overweight individuals, the pancreas produces more glucose, which eventually leads to diabetes.

There are many healthy options for losing weight, including low-carb, Mediterranean, paleo and vegetarian diets. However, choosing a way of eating you can stick with long-term is key to helping you maintain the weight loss.





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