Stop Snoring IMMEDIATELY By Massaging These 3-Essential Oils On Your Neck And Shoulders

stop snoring

People who snore have a very big problem. That is causing issues in our life. By using these oils, snoring can be stopped. But first, let’s see what is causing snoring.

What causes snoring?

Snoring occurs when throat muscles are relaxing while sleeping. In that case, the tongue is falling back to the throat, and throat walls are vibrating. This vibration is actually a snore. Snoring appears mostly when you sleep on your back.

Here are some of the most common causes:

-Consumption of alcohol



-Dehydration before sleeping

-Clogged nasal passages

-Sleep apnea

However, the snoring can be a sign of some more serious. People who snore, in the morning may experience fatigue. Also, a lack of sleep can affect your health, and it can cause depression, weight gain, brain damage, etc. For that reason, stop snoring before it causes some serious problems!

In order to prevent snoring, use Sweet Marjoram Oil

How is this oil working?

Sweet Marjoram Oil comes from plant Origanum marjoram. This oil has a very beautiful smell which reminds of cardamom or nutmeg. Sweet marjoram oil has been using even since the times of ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans. Also, you can use this oil for easing the symptoms of menopause and promotes the flow of breast milk in women.

Sweet marjoram oil is beneficial as a remedy for diabetes or irritable bowel syndrome. It is a natural, healthy antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic. With such amazing protective properties, it’s no wonder that this is the best essential oil for treating breathing difficulties.

Some studies in the UK found that sweet marjoram oil can be used for preventing snoring. There has been a test with 140 people who snore, and were given a spray with this oil. After 2 weeks, results have shown that 82% reduction of snoring.

For increasing effectiveness of this oil, it can be combined with lavender essential oil.

How to use sweet marjoram oil


Make a massage oil with a mixture of sweet marjoram oil, and some other oil, for example, Jojoba oil (50:50 ratio). Massage your chest, neck, and shoulders with this mixture, before sleeping.

Also, the other useful oils are lavender oil and lemon oil.

Anti-snore massage oil


-4 drops of marjoram oil

-3 drops of lemon oil

-8 drops of lavender oil

-1/4 cup of jojoba oil


Put all ingredients in a bottle, and mix them. Leave it for 24 hours, and your massage oil is ready for use. This mixture will keep for about three months if you store it in a cool, dark place.


You can use this essential oil with a diffuse machine if you have it. Follow the instructions as per your machine.


Mix 2 to 3 drops of marjoram oil with a glass of water, and gargle for 3 minutes before sleeping.


Put 1 to 2 drops marjoram oil on a q-tip, and dab it on the underside of your nostrils before sleeping.

Each of these ways is effective at delivering marjoram to your body, so I recommend doing what is convenient for your lifestyle. Take control of your snoring with sweet marjoram essential oil!





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