The Evidence Suggests: Cancer Can Be Cured With This One Simple Juice!


It may seem incredible, but there are reports that some people have healed their cancer even in an advanced stage, only with carrot juice consumption. These medicinal effects have been proven scientifically. Carrots contain antioxidant Falcarinol, which have anticancer properties. In a study made in UK and Denmark on mice and rats induced with colon cancer, has been shown that consumption of carrots decreased the occurrence of cancer in one-third of the experimental animals. Also, falcarinol can be found in other vegetables like celery, parsley, ginseng, etc.

A research conducted in patients with breast cancer showed that the consumption of carrot juice increases the level of carotenoids in the blood. Researchers believe that these increased levels of carotenoids in the blood acts as a preventive against cancer. However, lots of nutrients found in carrots have antioxidant properties, and it is very difficult to extract one particular nutrient that is the most important.

Dr. Gerson, also recommends carrot juicing. In his famous cancer treatment protocol, juice from carrots and apples is the most essential. It is interesting the fact that he started his healing protocol for the treatment of tuberculosis. After that, one of his patients required testing the same protocol against cancer. The treatment was successful. Since 1920, the protocol also is successfully used for the treatment of diabetes, and many other serious diseases.

May some of you think that a high natural fructose content of carrots would stimulate cancer growth, but there is an explanation how has the Gerson protocol worked so well for so many years. Natural sugars that come with carrots and any other fruits and vegetables are “L-sugars” and cancer cells can not absorb them in that form while processed sugars contained in most processed foods are “D-sugars”. Cancer cells feed only with D-sugars and can not absorb L-sugars.

Ann Cameron was able to cure her stage 4 cancer drinking only carrot juice and without chemotherapy, radiation, or any changes in her diet. She had stage 3 colon cancer and after the surgery, the situation was worsened and cancer in late 2012 metastasized to the lungs. Now she was in terminal stage 4. Doctors recommended her chemotherapy, but she refused. At that time, she studied alternative treatments and found information about Ralph Cole, who cured his cancer drinking only carrot juice in the amount approximately 2 kilograms (4 pounds) of carrots a day. After that, she started her healing journey, drinking the same amount of juice every day. By the way, sometimes she would forget to drink carrot juice. Also, she was eating all kind of food, even sometimes unhealthy food. So, the only change in her life was the carrot juice. In January 2013, after eight weeks of daily drinking carrot juice, CT scan showed that tumors stopped growing, there was a small reduction in tumor size and the swelling of the lymph nodes. In March 2013, no new tumors, no swelling lymph nodes, and more size reduction in existing tumors. In July 2013, cancer was completely gone, and all swollen lymph nodes were normal. After eight months drinking carrot juice, cancer was completely gone.

Those are not the only examples. There are many more.

Other therapeutic properties of carrots.

Fresh carrot juice contains many vitamins, such as vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6. Orange carrots provide beta-carotene that is found only in carrots. Beta-carotene is a substance from which the body produce vitamin A. It also contains vitamins C, D, E, K, as well as potassium, calcium, cobalt, and many other minerals. All of this makes carrot juice particularly healthy. Carrot juice gives strong bones and teeth, prevents inflammation of the eyes, strengthens the immunity and makes the body more resistant to infections, protects the nervous system, and gives vitality. Fresh carrot juice is the most effective natural curative agent and preventive bio-stimulator of our organism. It shows positive effects in the therapy of anemia, arteriosclerosis, liver diseases, intestinal diseases, stomach or duodenal ulcer, rheumatism, cancer treatment and cancer prevention, also has a laxative effect, etc.



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