What Every Woman Should Know About Thyme Essential Oil


Essential oils have become amazingly popular in the recent years, and with good reasons. Today people discover more and more about the health benefits that essential oils offer and their use and popularity have grown steadily. Much of this is as a result of the unfortunate and unwanted side effects that medications have, or simply, people want therapies that will help their condition in more natural and safe way.

One essential oil that especially women should know about is thyme essential oil. Thyme oil comes from a herb known as Thymus vulgaris, which is native to Europe. The herb possesses numerous health benefits. The oil has strong antioxidant, antibacterial, antiseptic, antispasmodic, and has calming effects. Thyme supports the immune, digestive, respiratory, and nervous system. It is one of the best oils that balance hormone levels, which is especially useful for women with menstrual and menopausal symptoms, and protects the body from some serious diseases like fungal and bacterial infections, stroke, fatigue, and breast cancer.

Health benefits of using thyme oil for women

Because of its therapeutic effects mentioned above, thyme oil, and its active ingredient thymol are also effective for other conditions, which women commonly face. The most common conditions are the following

Thyme oil as a breast cancer treatment.

Researchers at the Celal Bayar University in Turkey noticed that incidence of breast cancer in women who used the oil were much lower than those who didn’t use the oil.

Another study published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer found that thyme oil is effective at killing 97 % of breast cancer cells in vitro after 72 hours of treatment. This would be not very surprising, as thyme oil has been known since ancient times for its strong antioxidant properties.

Reduce nervousness, anxiety and stress.

It’s an effective way to bust stress and treat restlessness. It relaxes the whole body allowing your lungs, veins and your mind to open. Relaxation is soo important because it reduces chronic anxiety, which can lead to high blood pressure, digestive problems, insomnia, etc. It also can be caused by hormonal imbalance, which can be regulated naturally with thyme oil.

Balances hormones.

Thyme essential oil has progesterone balancing effects, and it benefits the body by producing progesterone. Low progesterone levels in both, men and women, have been linked to infertility, depression and imbalance of other hormones in the body. Thyme oil is also known to delay menopause symptoms and regulates and normalizes menopausal symptoms, including insomnia, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Treat fibroids.

Fibroids are growths of connective tissue that occurs in the uterus. The cause of fibroids includes low levels of progesterone and high levels of estrogen due to hypothyroidism, low-fiber diets, obesity or perimenopause. Because this essential oil increases the levels of progesterone, it makes the thyme oil great natural treatment for fibroids. All you have to do is to rub two drops of thyme oil on the abdomen two times a day to relieve PMS symptoms, fibroids, and menstrual cramps.

Increases circulation.

Thyme oil is a stimulant, so it stimulates circulation. Poor circulation can lead to conditions such as arthritis and stroke. The oil also relaxes the blood vessels which reduces high blood pressure. All this makes the oil a natural remedy for high blood pressure.

Thyme oil also is proven to:

– Prevents the formation of gas in the stomach and intestines

– Boost memory and increases concentration

– Prevents hair loss

– Prevents formation of cellulite

– Eliminates body odor and bad breath

– Good for the skin

– Kill bacteria and infections

Here are some easy ways how to use thyme oil

– To ease fatigue, stress or anxiety, add 2 drops of thyme oil to warm bath water or just inhale it

– As a mouthwash, add 2 drops of thyme oil to water and gargle.

– To increase circulation, inhale or diffuse 2–3 drops of thyme oil daily.

– To relieve menstrual cramps, treat fibroids and PMS, rub 2 drops of thyme oil on your abdomen.



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